Where to shoot a wild hog

Where to shoot a wild hog

Wild hogs are though animals which are not easy to shoot down, not only because of their physical strength but also because they are on constant movement, making very hard to make a killing shot.

And once you have been out for wild hogs, you know how important is to down them on one shot or two at most because if you miss, it's possible to be in front of two different scenarios: hoars flying away, leaving you without any opportunity of a second try or, even worse, being attacked for an injured and very angry pig weighing more than 300 pounds!

So a killing shot is necessary not only to secure a game, but also for your own security reasons; additionally if you achieve a killing shot, the animal will hit the ground fast and without suffering, the most humane way to end a game.

Then, take into account the following tips to achieve a killing shot; it will require patience and a lot of practice but at the end it will pay.

1. Aim to the ears

The impact of a precise shot on the ear holes will break hog neck leading to anLetal wounds on wild hoars instant dead. It's a big, solid target to aim but not so easy to shoot since hoars are constantly moving their heads on different directions.

However if you are patient enough and find the right shooting angle, it will be possible to hit a hoar on the ears killing it instantly.

2. The spine

If a hoar shows its side, the best place to shoot is the spine, behind the neck and up to the shoulders area.

Even when it's not a killing shot, if you hit the spine the animal will get paralyzed, preventing it from running away or attacking you; but the animal will be suffering and in pain; then it will be necessary a fast, second, killing shot once the game is paralyzed in order to dispatch it as fast as possible.

3. Heart

Obviously that's the master shot but aiming to a pig's heart is not an easy task.

The angle must be the correct and you need a deep knowledge about hoar anatomy; otherwise you could  shoot the ground aside the pig or miss the heart by a matter of inches, giving the game a chance to escape.

To hit this animal heart you need to aim behind the elbow, if possible from a broadside position in order to avoid interference of extremities.

It's not an easy shot but the most humane because the pig falls instantly. Once you do this shoot once, you'll never wish to shoot down an animal anyway else.

Whichever the shot you choose, remember that hoars master the art of playing dead so, always be ready to make a second, definitive shot; not only to avoid suffering but also because of your own safety.

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