Why are feral hogs so dangerous for hunters?

Why are feral hogs so dangerous for hunters?

Feral hogs hunting is gaining popularity among many hunters, not only because it's a common species, relatively easy to locate, and offers a big target to aim at, but also because, in many states, wild pigs are considered an invasive, dangerous pest, existing fewer regulations than those required to hunt another type of game, moreover, in some cases, there are no regulations at all.

But what makes feral hogs considered a pest, makes them also terribly dangerous not only for hunters but for their hounds too, so knowing the associated risks to this type of hunting will help to ensure your safety and your fellow hunters as well.

The first thing to know is that feral hogs are very territorial and will defend their space fiercely, then if you get into a big male hog's territory without being aware of it, there's a real chance to become the hunted rather than the hunter.

Feral Hog

Furthermore, if there are piglets nearby, the risk is double, not only because of male hogs' territorial instinct but also because female hogs will defend their litter even more fiercely than male hogs defending their territory.

With the above in mind, it's important to search for signals of wild pigs` activity when you are scouting in order to identify potentially dangerous areas. Additionally, it's important to learn how to identify if there are piglets nearby, this way you won't be caught by an enraged mother hog.

Now you are aware of feral hogs' strong territorial and maternal instincts, you must know these animals are big, really big.

A male hog weighs an average of 200 pounds, but the biggest may achieve 300 pounds or more and that's a lot of muscle to fight against if you are in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

But the size is not the only threat! Feral hogs may run as far as 25 miles/hour!

Considering that an average human being may run at 12 miles/hour, there's no way to flee from a feral hog if you are surprised by one.

The sum of a big body with such a speed makes these animals a formidable enemy however, that's not the only weapon they have...

And it's not a secret weapon, in fact, anyone who has seen a feral hog is aware of their sharp, big tusks; a lethal weapon they know to use against hunters and other animals.

To summarize, wild pigs are a perfect mix of size, speed, and lethality in one single animal. Perhaps they are not as agile as a puma is, or their tactics are not as refined as wolves' but certainly represent a big menace to hunters if they don't follow some basic safety rules when hunting wild pigs.

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