Why is a Ghillie Suit so effective?

Why is a Ghillie Suit so effective?

Ghillie suits may be considered the best camouflage option for both, war scenarios and hunting, being overtaken by virtually no other method.

But, why are Ghillie suits so effective? Well, there are several reasons behind their success leading to military personnel and hunters as well to keep wearing them despite the inconveniences associated with such bulky, hot gear.

The first thing to know is that Ghillie Suits work breaking the human shape. A human being figure is easy to distinguish in the nature because there are not many other animals walking only on two feet, so it may be said a human being silhouette is exclusive to men and women, and that's why it's so easy to distinguish a people in the field.

Ghillie suits help to break the human body contour, blending it with the surrounding environment.

Due to its particular shape, size, and cut; Ghillie suits fall down from the body and beyond, blurring the natural limits between the human body and the environment, furthermore, the shape changes completely, not only because the suit is large and

Ghillie suit

bulky but also because of the natural elements including on it, most of the time part of what it's found in a given area.

On the other hand, Ghillie suits help to hide human body color.

Different from most animals whose fur has a natural pattern helping to camouflage them, human beings lack such fur, making harder to mimic the surroundings, moreover, a plain, flat skin color is easy to identify among the natural color tones seen in nature, being an easy task for the keen eye of animals to spot a person among the bushes.

The Ghillie suit features help to blend hunters with the surrounding because their color has mostly the same pattern of the environment, being very effective hide the natural skin color that might reveal the hunter's presence.

Finally, Ghillie suits help to cover the hunters' scent.

Perhaps for us, that's not a big deal, but in nature many times a predator is detected by its odor, much more time before it may be spotted, and Ghillie suits are useful to avoid such detection!

That's because of two reasons. The first one is the huge amount of fibers touching the soil, bushes, and everything around the hunter. These fibers catch the surrounding scent covering the hunter's own odor.

The best part is that the longer you use your suit, the more natural scents it will catch, rendering it more efficient to cover your odor.

Additionally, the use of leaves, branches and many other natural elements as part of your Ghillie suit will add an extra layer of scent that helps to cover your odor, providing a great smell cover over you.

It results clear that ghillie suits help to hide hunters from all points of view, increasing their success odds, being this the reason supporting their use, no matter how uncomfortable they might be.

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