Why to hunt with dogs?

Why to hunt with dogs?

When and where allowed dog hunting is one of the most grateful experiences for hunters, not only because of increased success rates but also because of that feeling of being part of one of the best hunting teams in the world.

It's not a secret that dogs are natural hunters who work as a team to achieve their goals and it's also a well known fact that their senses are much keener than humans, thus when one is out hunting with dogs becomes a dogs pack one more member, furthermore you are leading it!

By doing this you will be the head of a highly specialized, successful hunting pack which gives you and your dogs and edge over any game, no matter if big or small sized.

The combination of dogs keen senses and hunting instincts with hunter's tactics and specialized firearms is the best combination ever for success on the hunting ground; in fact this combination is so effective that it's not allowed to hunt endangered species using dogs because it puts too much pressure over the game pushing such species towards extinction risk.Hunt with dogs

With the above in mind it won't be hard to figure out why to hunt with dogs gives you an edge, but let's number all advantages associated to it, probably there will be more than one you didn't think about it!

1. Enhanced detection

Dogs keen smell sense will allow not only to detect but also track games for long distances and even locate them when they are hidden underground.

2. Tracking

You don't need to stumble with a game or wait until it passes in front of you; when you are hunting with dogs your hunting partners will take care to track the animal you wish to hunt and direct you towards it. 

3. Protection

Once in the bushes your dogs will provide you protection. As the dogs pack leader you will be protected all the time by your fellow dogs; so in case of danger they will alert (and even protect) you much before you figure out what's going on. 

This is especially true when hunting species such as wild boars or predators as coyotes, wolves  and cougars.

4. Chasing

When a well trained hunting dogs pack found a game they will be able not only to track it and direct you towards it, but also to chase and corner the animal on an area where it will easy to you a deadly shot; moreover, some dogs are much than able to defeat a game by themselves, however usually this is not allowed because it's considered cruitly with the game and dangerous for dogs.

5. Retrieving

That's a well known fact among waterfowls hunters. No matter how a good hunter you are, if you don't have a good retriever dog on your side, most of your birds will be lost.

Retriever dogs are great partners and will help hunter to take back their games from inaccessible areas for hunters.

6. Company

Perhaps you have not figure it out but when you hunt with gods you are never alone. Dogs are a great company out in the bushes, and going out with them will guarantee the best possible company all along the day, no matter if you are hunting or resting by night on your trip back to home. Dogs will be always on your side being your eyes, your ears and your best company.

7. Guiding

Each hunter has a GPS and a map but if you run out of batteries, feel too tired or get confused, you may count on your dogs to find your way back to home. Dogs are great trackers and if you are not able to find the way back home because of any reason, it will be easier for them to guide you home, or at least towards your base camp. 

As you may see hunting with dogs has a lot of pros and almost no cons and if you have not experienced to be part of one of the most effective hunting teams, perhaps it's time to try it.

Once you have enjoyed such a wonderful experience, probably you will refuse to hunt without a dog again.


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