Wild Boar Hunting. Always be cautelous

Wild Boar Hunting. Always be cautelous

Wild boars are powerful, intelligent creatures who not only know how to elude human beings, especially on high-pressure hunting areas but also are able to bluff and even ambush hunters, making this type of hunt one of the most dangerous.

A 600 pounds wild boar is a formidable enemy, not only because of its size and weight but also due to sharped tusks which can easily harm badly and even kill a hunter or his dogs.

That's why caution is so important when you are hunting wild boars, otherwise, the hunt may easily end as the hunted.

So, to keep you safe and increase your survival odds in case boars come against you, follow the tips below. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but the most you do to keep you and your hunting fellow safe, the better.

1. Group hunting is always the best choice

Never go for boars alone. At least to people are required for a safe boar hunting trip, but more is better. There are not enough eyes to control your perimeter, besides, more people implies more firepower, which can make the difference in case a wounded hoar decides to pay revenge.Wild pigs hunting risks

2. Always keep an emergency, escape route

When you shoot a wild pig there's always a chance to get caught but the wounded animal or one of its companions, so keep always an emergency, escape route in mind and be aware of where it is in case you need to run away.

Wild boars can run fast, much more than one might think, so just running away will not be enough, instead climbing a tree is a better choice since pigs are unable to see upwards or climb trees.

Being aware of robust, tall, easy to climb trees in the area you are hunting is always a good safety measure. Of course, you must be in good shape and be able to climb a tree, otherwise, their presence is useless.

3. Watch your back

Keep your eyes wide open and always check your back. Boars are intelligent creatures who have embushed hunters in the past surprising them by their back. So keep surveillance over your perimeter and never neglect to check your flanks and back, if not, an unexpected, surprise attack may arrive suddenly from your back, and that's something you won't wish to deal with.

4. Don't trust a wild pig, no matters if it seems death

Once again, wild pigs are smart, and when they get injured play to be death, just waiting for the right moment to run away or attack you.

No matter how sure you are about a deadly shot or arrow, never approach immediately to a fallen wild pig. Take a 10-20 minutes time window to be sure the animal is dead for real.

Afterward make a cautious approach, preferably from the back; if not possible from the sides but NEVER from the animal's head.

Be ready to face the unexpected and have your gun loaded and ready to shoot. You never know when a wild pig will stand from the ground to run towards you. So be ready to defend yourself.

Summarizing, never underestimate a wild boar. To keep you and your partners safe, the more precaution, the better.


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