Wild sheep hunting tips

Wild sheep hunting tips

Wild sheep hunting is among the most demanding tasks for any hunter. Equally complex as mountain goat hunting, going out for a wild sheep is not for everyone, instead only the strongest, best prepared and experienced hunters will be able to complete a successful wild sheep hunting expedition.

And that's because same as with wild goats, wild sheep hunting requires endurance, logistic and knowledge, three elements which are not easy achievable; in fact it' required a lot of effort, practice and especially a good shape to get into wild sheep territories ahd succeed taking down a mature ram.

For instances it seems impossible to get so deep into the nature, but once you are there it's even harder to leave the area. Then it's when one understands why wild sheeps love their homeland.

But you are there not for the landscapes but sheeps, so let's see a few tips whichWild sheep hunting will make your life easier out in the wilderness when you are trying to catch such a magnificent trophy as a wild sheep.

First of all, be ready to hike a lot. This is not a few hours hunting, but a long standing one, thus you must count with enough water and supplies to expend a couple of days out there. Perhaps you are lucky and a sheep cross your way before, but usually it takes several hours to reach the places where they inhabit.

Once there, be prepared to find a good spotting place. Wild sheeps will see you coming and will fly like the wind before you are able to make anything, thus you need a good spotting point and very good optics to have a good view of a wide area where sheeps will be pasturing.

Then it's time to apply what you have learned doing your homework; How to identify a mature ram?

Mature rams are the prefered trophy not only because their size and beautiful horns but also because of a conservation matter. These animals are at the end of their reproductive cycle and are prone to diseases and predators as well, thus hunting the oldest rams will have a less impact on the species conservation than killing younger males with a higher reproductive potential.

However identifying a mature ram is not an easy task and you will need to see lots of pictures and practice even more at home in order to know what ram you will aim to.

Then it's when knowledge matters. You will need to know what kind of sheep you are firing to and be aware of how to identify gender, age and any other detail before shooting. 

Remember that in some states there are minimum requirements before taking down a sheep, thus it's not only about conservation but also about law compliance.

Once you have set up everything be sure to shoot only when you will be able to recovery the animal. In some instances a long distance, abrupte terrain and complicated weather conditions make impossible to access the area where the body is, if so it's better to avoid a killing shoot for an useless sacrifice.

Whichever the conditions, you must always have in mind that wild sheep hunting will put your physical and metnal strength at the limit. Are you ready for this big challenge?



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