Wild Turkey Hunting Prohibitions

Wild Turkey Hunting Prohibitions

As it was mentioned previously, wild turkey hunting is strictly regulated in all U.S. states where this game is hunt, however to be familiar with regulations doesn't necessarily implies you are aware about what's prohibited during wild turkey hunting.

On this regard and following Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife regulations for 2018 season as a guide, you'll find what's expressly prohibited during wild turkey hunting, however keep in mind that such prohibitions might change from state to state, then you need to be fully aware of what's prohibited on the state you are going to hunt turkeys since there could be some differences. Take the following prohibitions just like a general guide unless you are planning toIt's not allowed to shoot a turkey on a tree hunt in Maine.

Expressly Prohibitions during Wild Turkey Hunting:

1. The use of dogs is prohibited in any manner unless you are hunting on fall season

2. The use of food to lure turkeys is not allowed. You NEVER may use food to attract turkeys towards a given area

3. Traps intended to catch turkeys can't be used. You are allowed to hunt your bag limit using allowed firearms or bows according to the season opening.

4. It's not legal to shoot a turkey while it's on a tree.

5. Anyone can register a wild turkey which was not killed legally by the one who's registering it.

6. It's prohibited to have a wild turkey or wild turkey parts without a tag where it's stated who killed the turkey, year of the killing and date of registration.

7. No part of a turkey beyond the plumage may be sell or negotiated on any manner.

8. It's not allowed for anyone to kill a turkey once such person has reached the season bag limit.

Keep in mind all the above prohibitions in order to avoid law infringements during your wild turkey hunting, in addition remember to check local regulations on the state you are planning to hunt, moreover, check just a day or two before you leave for hunting in order to be aware of any last minute change.

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