Winter Hunting Season Safety Tips

Winter Hunting Season Safety Tips

Going out for hunting is always an exciting experience but never free of risk, after all hunters need to deal with elements, wild animals and deadly weapons; thus despite enjoyment, there's always a real implicit risk when out hunting in the bushes.

This is particular true during winter when sudden temperature drops, snow storms and long nights may expose hunters to several risks from just disorientation up to froze bite and even death; hence safety becomes a priority in order to guarantee a happy end to our hunting scout.

First thing is to be aware of weather conditions on the area we are planning to go out; a detailed forecast of at least the next 7 days after our arrival will be useful to plan where to set our camp, how long we can go and what's the proper garment to carry on.

Regarding the last point, proper winter garment is mandatory since froztbite is a real risk, especially at the mountains where the weather may turn very hard suddenly; thus be sure to carry with you proper insulating clothes including boots and waterproof garment in case of rain or snow. To be caught in the middle of a winter storm may jeopardize your life, thus be sure to be prepared.Winter Hunting Season Safety Tips

Another safety element to keep in mind is an schedule. During long winter nights or due to a storm you may get disoriented and find the way back to your camp or truck is not always an easy task; but if you have a planned scheduled and notify your loved ones where you are planing to be, help will reach you easily in case of problems.

In addition if you may count with a radio, cell phone or even satellite phone (where cell phone signal is not available), you will count with an extra safety layer while you'll be able to contact someone else for help in case of troubles. On this regard, be sure to count with enough batteries depending of how long you are planning to be out.

Once out, set your camp on a shielded area as far from wind as possible; remember that during a windy storm temperature may drop more than usual exposing you and your fellas (in case you are out with a group) to extreme cold temperatures risks, so looking for the proper place for the camp is a survival matter in case things become hard.

Finally be aware of other hunting groups. Hunting accidents are not unusual, hence be aware you are behind and animal and not an human being before shooting; in addition be sure not to be confused with an animal by other hunters; on this regard the use of orange apparels is usefull to identify yourself as a person against other hunters' eyes.

If you think safe, you will keep safe and the winter hunting season will lead to an end with many catches and no injuries to worry about.

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