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Another risk to deal with during hot weather is sunburn. Most people don't think

Camping during hot weather

about it, but being exposed for long periods to direct sunlight in a hot environment will lead to sunburns.

This condition is not only painful but also risky, particularly when the skin is so damaged that the sunburn achieves a second degree. In this situation, the problem is not only the pain but also the risk of infections and increased fluid losses as well.

A combination of both factors will exhaust our energy very quickly leading to a live or death situation very fast.

To minimize risk, it's important to know how to deal with extremely hot weather when camping, hiking, or hunting; otherwise what began as a pleasant experience might end very bad.

First thing to know is the weather forecast. This way you will be aware of what you probably will have to deal with and get ready for it.

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Certainly a GPS is a great tool for sports, work and any other activity requiring navigation and most of time it works great, nevertheless in certain conditions a

GPS or Compass, what's best?

GPS device might fail, leading to a dangerous situation: being lost without any mean to get oriented.

That's particularly truth during long excursions when batteries might exhaust or during bad weather. Dense clouds or atmospheric electric activity might interfere a GPS signal, same as being in deeps valeys or terrain covered by dense forrest.

In such cases, if you depend exclusively of a GPS, it would be possible to be in a very dificult possition with no alternative means to get out there.

On the other hand, a map/compass couple will never exhaust its batteries, is available in all kind of terrain or weather and rarelly get damaged, it seems now the old fashioned method is more reliable but, once again, nothing is 100% absolute.

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Due to its particular shape, size, and cut; Ghillie suits fall down from the body and beyond, blurring the natural limits between the human body and the environment, furthermore, the shape changes completely, not only because the suit is large and

Ghillie suit

bulky but also because of the natural elements including on it, most of the time part of what it's found in a given area.

On the other hand, Ghillie suits help to hide human body color.

Different from most animals whose fur has a natural pattern helping to camouflage them, human beings lack such fur, making harder to mimic the surroundings, moreover, a plain, flat skin color is easy to identify among the natural color tones seen in nature, being an easy task for the keen eye of animals to spot a person among the bushes.

The Ghillie suit features help to blend hunters with the surrounding because their color has mostly the same pattern of the environment, being very effective hide the natural skin color that might reveal the hunter's presence.

Finally, Ghillie suits help to cover the hunters' scent.

Perhaps for us, that's not a big deal, but in nature many times a predator is detected by its odor, much more time before it may be spotted, and Ghillie suits are useful to avoid such detection!

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On the other hand, dogs expend a lot of energy chasing prey, moving constantly

Hunting hound

from one place to another, and being ready to follow your orders anytime, so get sure to count on enough food supplies for them.

You don't need a complete bowl of food, in fact, this is not the best choice because of time consumption, scenting, and many other inconveniences. Instead, high-energy, bite-size snacks will keep your hound on the run all along the hunting expedition.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weather. Certainly, dogs were provided by mother nature with an exceptional insulation cover however, in extremely cold weather they will be happy (and safer) with an extra protection layer of manmade insulation.

That's not mandatory for all breeds, in fact, many won't need it, but depending on your hounds' age, energy level, breed, and external weather conditions, sometimes it will be a good idea to dress them properly to keep corporal heat.

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Along the time, due to selective crosses, those first dogs accompanying the paleolithic men evolved into dozen of breeds, each one with its own physical characteristics, psychological profile, and even particular skills, rendering each breed suitable for a particular task.

Hunting hounds

That's how "specialized dogs" appeared. Some of them became shepherds, other guard and military dogs, different breeds were raised to become service dogs and many others became hunting dogs.

Due to their instincts, practically all dogs have a little hunter inside them, but not all of them count with the physical endurance and body characteristics required to succeed in a hunting expedition.

That's why despite of all them being natural hunters, only a bunch of breed is raised to become hunters, even when that does not imply they can't serve on other tasks like company or guard.

But, what does a dog have to become an excellent hunter?

Here you will find what to look for when you want to have a dog as part of your hunting pack.

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