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1. Stationary blinds
These are the most expensive ones and usually are intended to be kept in private lands used for game animals hunting year after year.

Stationary blinds are a kind of formal construction performed using different materials. It may be bricks, wood, and even concrete; everything depends on the

Hunting deer blind

owner's needs and preferences.

Being a long-lasting construction, usually, these are big and may accommodate up to 5 hunters and their equipment.

Considering the type of construction, including insulation many times, as well as the size, this type of deer blind is certainly convenient however, it's more expensive than a portable blind and certainly, it's not possible to move them if you choose to change your hunting location.

2. Portable blinds
These are lightweight apparel intended to be easily installed in the selected location.

They are usually built with an aluminum structure and fabric walls, most of the time including camo patterns.

Regular-sized portable deer blinds are designed to accommodate 1 and 3 hunters but there are extra-size blinds available in the market to accommodate bigger hunting groups.

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That's why there are many techniques to hide your firearms and bows from animals' sight, being the cheaper, easier, and most popular the camo paint but certainly that's not the most effective nor the only one.

In fact, if you wish to render your rifle virtually undetectable, the best choice is to

Rifle ghillie wrap

use a ghillie wrap!

Working the same way it does hiding the human shape, a rifle wrap is a ghillie mesh intended to be complemented with local materials like little branches, leaves, and any other element found in the field.

The scope is to blend the rifle with the surrounding environment, hiding its shape, brightness, colors as well any distinctive characteristics.

Applying this technique a rifle will not be distinguishable from the environment and if it's properly handled, keeping it moveless until the last minute, when you are ready to perform that critical shot; the gun as well the barrel will remain undetectable until it's too late for your game.

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To achieve this goal, try to follow these tips:

1. Keep open communication
It's vital to keep communication with other hunters, especially if your group splits

Feral hog

into two or more subgroups. Perhaps someone else may see something you can't from your position, and having an alert on time may save you from being trapped by a hogs pack or being embushed.

In this regard, don't trust cell phones for this purpose, especially in lonely, far areas where the signal may be weak or null, instead, radio communications are trustworthy for this purpose.

2. Firepower is the key to win
A 300 pounds hog won't stop with one single shot, especially if an angry one decided to take you out of its way, moreover, a small caliber gun will be useless against such a formidable enemy, so bring with you the proper gun to stop a hog.

The minimum firepower you need to accomplish this is a .260 caliber, but this is not the only feature you need to keep in mind; as it was mentioned, usually a single shot won't stop a wild pig and that's why you need a firearm with multiple, rapid shots capability.

3. The escape route must be upwards
Wild pigs are powerful and fast, you have no chance to run away from them, especially in a dense forest.

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The first thing to know is that feral hogs are very territorial and will defend their space fiercely, then if you get into a big male hog's territory without being aware of it, there's a real chance to become the hunted rather than the hunter.

Feral Hog

Furthermore, if there are piglets nearby, the risk is double, not only because of male hogs' territorial instinct but also because female hogs will defend their litter even more fiercely than male hogs defending their territory.

With the above in mind, it's important to search for signals of wild pigs` activity when you are scouting in order to identify potentially dangerous areas. Additionally, it's important to learn how to identify if there are piglets nearby, this way you won't be caught by an enraged mother hog.

Now you are aware of feral hogs' strong territorial and maternal instincts, you must know these animals are big, really big.

A male hog weighs an average of 200 pounds, but the biggest may achieve 300 pounds or more and that's a lot of muscle to fight against if you are in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

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After all, it's not a war scenario where we need to be undetectable to the human eye, it's just for deer or any other game we are hunting, but if we mix perfectly with the environment, just as a navy snipper, how can other hunters know we are in their fire line?

Orange ghillie suit

It's really a complicated situation, if they can't see us, we might be prone to suffer an accidental shoot or even get death because another fellow hunter was not aware of us.

And that's exactly why it's mandatory to wear an orange vest. Such a color is not a common one in nature, neither in autumn, when browns and orange leaves are all around, but no one has the intense, bright tone of hunters' orange vests, so each time a hunter sees such color, it's like a safety device avoiding them to shoot because bright orange means another hunter or a hunter hound.

Now, a guillie suit blinds our silhouette completely for both, humans and animals while the orange vest enhances it, both attributes are desired but, how is it possible to blend them?

Well, there are several options!

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