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1. Just remove internal organs

That's the best way to preserve meat. Harmful bacteria live inside gut and other internal organs. Once an animal dies, its own bacteria begin decompositionWild Boar Field Dressing process from inside to outside; in addition environment bacteria begin their job from the skin, leading to corpse decomposition.

To slow this process there are two critical steps, wash thoroughly the entire body to remove external, environment bacteria and remove internal organs.

By doing it you will be able to proceed with the second step: cool down the meat.

When meat temperature drops, bacteria begin to grow slower and decomposition process starts later, then a great way to buy a long time window to get back home without wasted meat is removing internal organs and cool down meat as soon as you can.

Some hunters remove only abdominal viscera leaving chest content intact, on the other hand there's a group of hunters who remove both, abdominal and thoracic viscera. It might be a little more time consuming but it assures better preservation, however if you are in rush, removing guts and all abdominal content remains paramount, while thoracic viscera may wait a little bit.

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So you must EVER use a safety harness attached to a good quality, well placed safety rope, otherwise there's a real risk of falls and injuries (even death!)

3. Keep your hands free when climbing!

Sometimes hunters try to climb to their stand with all of their gear on their handsTree Stand Safe Climbing or back. That's a tremendous mistake!

Extra weight as well too many elements to deal with will change your balance and compromise three points contact, increasing your odds for an accident.

Instead of carrying everything with you, just go up freely and use a haul line later to raise or lower your gear and apparels. Perhaps it will take a little longer, but it's a million times safer!

4. Muzzle down!

All guns and firearms must be moved unloaded and with their muzzle pointing downwards. No matter how many times you have repeated the operation and how much practice you have, it's critical to follow this rule.

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With the above in mind, we offer a compilation of current safety rules to keep you and your teammates safe when hunting from a tree stand.Safety Use of Tree Stands

First thing to keep you safe is total awareness of what is safe and what 's not, so read carefully below to keep updated your safety plan on the trees.

Safety Topics Related to the Tree:

Once you have properly scouted the area and have decided where to place your tree stand, it's time to choose a tree to do so; this is the moment to remember:

1. Use only living, healthy trees

Dead or weak trees as those looking bad and sick are not a good choice because they might collapse due to the combined additional weight of both stand and hunter; moreover, some trees might not resiste neither the stand alone, so choose a tree in good shape.

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Doing so it's simple but requires patience, next a few tips which help to habituate animals on your hunting ground to your odor.

1. Try to avoid high pressure areas

Higher the pressure, easier identification from potential games; so try to avoidScent Covering While Hunting crowded hunting grounds where even the most insignificant odor is associated to human presence.

2. Avoid penetrating scents

Especially those which are not found on nature. Tobacco, garlic, onions, parfums, solvents, chemical products and every scented man made good will alert animals on the wood about your presence miles away.

3. Scout a lot 

It seems meaningless but scouting you are leaving your scents on the surroundings. First day it will be a fully new scent and every living creature susceptible of being hunt will hide from you.

On day two your scent will be also new, but not so. On day three perhaps the less disruptful creatures will ignore your presence, and then day after day they will habituate to your odor until it becomes part of their daily perceptions.

This way, with time you will blend your odor with those on the area. However it's mandatory to remember that this work only on low pressure hunting grounds.

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If you are planning to be out more than a day and expend one or more nights onMosquitoes bite prevention the woods, take care to the place where you install your tent.

Usually mosquitoes love dark, wet areas with abundant cover, so keeping away from such areas will reduce mosquitoes around you, especially by night when you become a defenseless victim.

Place your tent on a windy area where mosquitoes find difficulties for free flying, in addition stay at least 50 meters away from water bodies and wetlands. Such locations have lower mosquitoes populations.

2. Wear protective clothing

It's amazing but mosquitoes are able to bite you through fabrics fibers. Their flexible, long proboscis may be inserted through cotton fibers to reach your skin and feed from your blood, so proper garment is mandatory to keep them away.

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