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Material: 170T prevent waterproof polyester
Color: Deep Blue, Red,Green,Yellow
Package Size: About 38cm*20cm
Limit temperature scale : 0åÊC
Sleeping bag style: Envelope / rectangle
Sleeping bag filling material: fiber cotton
Measurements: Total Length 180cm, Width 73cm, Hat Length 30cm
Sleeping bag size : standard ( suitable for 1.8 m height and below )

Easy to clean or wash.
Portable,foldable and flexible.
Exceptional Quality and value.
Full length zipper,easy to detach.
Comfortable and warm enough for sleeping.
Can make two sleeping bags stitched together in.
The sleeping bag can be unzipped and opened flat for use as a blanket.
You can simply roll up the sleeping bag into the attached carrier, and good to go.
Latest technology makes sure the sleeping bag is packed with features to keep you warm and comfortable.
The super light-weight and sturdy structure of this camping sleeping bag makes your hiking trip more pleasure.
High quality material to make the range highly suitable for a variety of uses from indoor sleep to camping adventures application.

Package Includes:
1 X Sleeping Bag

1 XåÊCarrying Case