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Eyepiece: H20mm, H6mm two eyepieces
1.5x Just asåÊ Mirror
90 degrees zenith mirror
38 cm height aluminum tripod

Key indicators:
Refractive / Focal Length: 360mm, optical aperture: 50mm
Can set 60 times, 18 times, the mirror group plus 1.5x 90 times, 27 times.
Theory Resolution: 2.000 arcseconds
Main tube Color: Silver

Box size: 440mm * 210mm * 100mm
Model: F36050M
Active Aperture: 50mm (2.4 ")
Focal Length: 360mm.f / 7
Oblique mirror: 90 å¡
Tripod most highly: 34cm
Standard 0.965 inches attachment contains:
Eyepiece: SR4mm, H20mm, 3 times Barlow lens
This item Maximum magnification: 90 times (lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several Barlow multiples= maximum magnification ratio )

F36050M is a small refracting type telescope, have a larger diameter (50mm), does not account for place.åÊ Suitable for beginners astronomy enthusiasts, configure two different magnification eyepieces and 1.5X multiplier mirrors. You can freely mix, observeåÊ different distances and sizes objects.

Package Includes:
1 X F360x50 Refractive Astronomical Telescope Monocular