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Core yarns: 7 Strand Core
Total length: 50 ft (15m)
Minimum breaking strength: 550lb
Diameter: approx 4mm
Color: Black, Red, Orange, Army green, Blue, Brown, Deep grey, Grass green, Light grey, Light pink, Pink, White, Yellow

Made with reflective material
High strength, wear-resisting, it won't nap after frequent friction
7 strand internal core (tight inner twist which increases strength)
Extra tight weave of outer sheath (reduces snags and increases strength)
This unique para cord is highly visible day and night
Suitable for making bracelet Great for survival, camping, fishing, load tie down and many other applications

Please kindly state the specified color you like.Or we will send the item in random color

Package includes:
1 x 50Ft Reflective Parachute Cord