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Woodland Camo 5-Piece Ghillie Suit Camouflage Forest Jungle Hunting 3D w/ Bag

Conceal your whereabouts while hunting with the 5-Pc. Woodland Ghillie Suit. It has a 3-D outline, so you blend into your surroundings better. Lightweight material covers loose, multicolored strings that mimic foliage. Design doesn't make noise when you move.

  • Just what every hunter needs!
  • Lightweight with silent, no-rustle design
  • Ghillie suit set includes:
Head Covering:

Mesh opening for eyes and nose
Covers entire head down to shoulders
Adjustable chin strap
Adjustable forehead strap
16" from top to bottom


Button up jacket
Shoulder: 22 inches
Sleeve: 28 inches
Jacket Length: 30 inches


Elastic waist with drawstring
Buttons at base of pants for boot accessibility
Slits for pocket access
39" long (from waist)
26-50" waist

Gun Cover:
4ft long
Elastic Band
Strings on both ends for attachment

Package included:
1 Set Ghillie Suit