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These are pretty handy and go well with diving suit and great for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, fitness and training gloves.

Item: half finger swimming gloves
Material: Neoprene and Lycra
Color: Black, Blue

For more details, please refer to the chart below:

åÊ Size(cm)
S 19.7*17.4
M 21*18.8
L 22.2*19.8

Webbed fingers disign
Increase swimming speed
Four way stretches lycra back
Adjustable elastic velcro at wrist
Sewed with water resistence thread
Helps tone and strengthen muscles
Well suited to surfing and body boarding
Get increased propulsion through the water
Neoprene gloves for water resistance training
Good elasticity for freedom of movement
Fantastic in water aerobics classes and resistance programs

Package Includes:
1 PairåÊ swimming gloves