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Mini Fishing Rod Fiber Glass Fishing pole+Fishing Spining Reel

Items:Fishing rod+spinnig reel

åÊ Fishing rod
åÊ Rod Material:Fiber glass
åÊ Extended lenght:1.8m
åÊ Closed length:38cm
åÊ Weight:200g
åÊ Sections:7sec

åÊ Spinnig reel
åÊ GearåÊ ratio:2.6:1
åÊ lbs/yds:6/95
åÊ Dexterity: Right or Left-handed

Closed fishing reels, charge transfer from the cradle arm stop button, shake the reel cover, outlet hole and other components. Spinning reel volume trunking is open, actinomycetes closing lines are visible, throw far away, closing fast. If used improperly, there will be chaos cord. The volume enclosed reel trough mouth is sealed, the fishing line through the hole and out of cover, fishing by the button control actinomycetes and closing lines. This small reel, actinomycetes and closing lines invisible, which avoids injury lines and random wire, protecting good performance. It is mainly used for fishing and rafting fly fishing (fishing lures), dumped a distance of about 10 to 20 meters in an area of shallow water fishing is also used in the formula dumped throw pole. Cord from the base of the front of a small hole penetrating trough parabolic pole, and then the fishing line from the rod tip at the piercing, knot tying fishing groups, and they used 2.1 to 2.7 meters in a small cast rod or pole dual-throwing hand. This line is characterized by round qualifying bet button, just one touch and pressure to qualify, to charge to be received, not arbitrary lines, easy to learn.

Package included:
1x Fishing Rod
1x Spinnig Reel

1x Fishing Float
1x Fishing Bell
1x Fishing Line
1x Carrying Bag
some lure,hooks,space beans ect.