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Model Name: Mini Pen Fishing Rod Set

Fishing Rod
Color:Black ,Silver,Gold,Blue,Red
Material: pen is made of the aluminum alloyåÊ
the rod is made of the glass fiber reinforced plastics
Contraction Length: 21cms
Stretched Length: 1.35m
Section: 8 sections

Fishing Reel
Color: silver

Full Set Fishing Accessories Box
2x small ball floats(13mm)
2x floats
2x fish hook
2x fish lures

Fishing Line

Small and elegant fishing rod,you can fishing anytime without redundant tools
It is Portable, Compact, Lightweighted and easy to operation
Aluminum alloy material,it is hard and durable,can be well protect against rust and scrape
Complete set of equipment,satisfied your need

PackageåÊ Includes:
1x Pen Fishing Rod
1x Fishing Reel
1x Fishing Line
2x Small Ball Floats
2x Floats
2x Fish Hook
2x Fish Lures