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Light weight Stalker suit made with synthetic thread
This is the suit for those of you who want to lay down to Varmint hunt, or do a lot of crawling.

The Synthetic thread is hand tied to our Nylon netting. Netting has 1"x1" squares, and a tensile strength of 500 lbs. The Synthetic thread has 10-12 Lbs of tensile strength per strand. 4-5 strands of thread are attached to every knot. Has separate sleeves to put your arms through, and an attached hood. The front is open for those of you who like to crawl on your stomach, and can be easily converted to your favorite BDU's for a super sniper suit. Directions for the sniper suit can be found on our "How to Build" section listed on the left. The inexpensive Sniper suit!
Weight for the Synthetic suit is just under 2 lbs. One Size Fits All. May be trimmed to fit. Will fit a height of up to 6' 6" tall.

The Width of the rear piece that flows to the ground is 30" across! If you are a serious crawler. Take a look at our Sniper Suit built on to a pair of Military BDU's.