Hunting Desert 5 Piece Ghillie Suit Set- Ghillie Outdoor Gear

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Hunting Desert 5 Piece Ghillie Suit Set


This includes trousers, jacket, hood, gun wrap and a bag. Unlike other ordinary ghillie suit, our ghillie suit has more threads and less threads loss, so its camouflage effect is very good. Imagine you disappear in the natural surroundings like the one the picture. You will never be noticed by the turkeys, the doves or other preys you want to.

Material: Ultra lightweight and breathable polyester, it weight only 3.3 pounds. Color: enhanced 3D camo colors in desert or woodland to offer maximum camouflage. One size: hip 55"; sleeve 26"; shoulder 17"; jacket length 31"; pants length 41"; waist 30" - 41" (adjustable)