Sniper Camo Ghillie Suit - Breathable Ghillie Suit for Hunting

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This is breathable ghillie suit made of light durable materials making it easy to move on any terrain. Wear this on top of you hunting clothes or any clothes and you're good to go.

The ghillie threads are sewn in unique way so it does not fall off. Other ghillies suits in the market get a lot of complains from the thread falling off easily so we design this suit to address this issue.

This ghillie suit comes with jacket, adjustable pants, a hood you can see thru, a riffle wrap and a compatible duffle bag to store the suit.

Our customers love this suit and we get a lot of positive feedback from satisfied hunters. This is one of our best seller ghillie suit product that we offer in the market. 

Color: Woodland

Sniper Camo Ghillie Suit Includes:

draw string duffel bag for storage.

Breathable Inner fabric Shell.
Quick Release Snaps.
Elastic Waist and Cuffs.

Inner Camouflage fabric Shell.
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring.
Elastic Ankles.
Snaps on cuffs for easy access.

Full coverage hood with bug liner.

Rifle Wrap
Elastic Band with Synthetic Thread.
Elastic Loop Ends for Easy Attachment.


*Water-proof Synthetic Thread.
*Mildew resistant.
*Odor-less & Non-allergenic.


Image Notes: The color of the suit changes depending on the amount of sunlight. It gets lighter under direct sunlight and darker when not.


Size Pants Waist Inseam Length of Pants Length of Jacket Jacket Chest
4PC-M/L 28"-42" 25" 40" 26" 42"
4PC-XL/2XL 30"-48" 27" 41" 27" 46"