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Lenghth: 1.2m
Diameter: 3mm
Material: High quality plastic buckle + Elastic rope
Scope: Sports, mountaineering, travel, we have many colors ,you canåÊchoose a åÊ appropriate personalized color according to your shoes.
Designed for anti loose shoelace motion with differentåÊcolors.
Easy to Install, No cutting required,Convenient to use.
Lock mechanism - slidable, spring activated made from strongåÊplastic.

Perfect for athletes, runners, golfers etc.
Very convenient, neveråÊhave to stop to retie your laces during any sport or activity everåÊagain!!.
Just slip your shoes on and off, no more tying and untying.åÊ
Locking laces provide a better fit which helps improve performanceåÊand avoids the problems of nylon/cotton shoelaces.

Package Included:
2 laces (1 pair) and 2 locks