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1. They create life-like swimming actions in water
2. Smooth and rapid diving action
3. Bright colors to attract big fish
4. 3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool
5. Each comes with 1 sharp treble hooks
6. Made of premium metal
7. Durable construction and smooth shape enables long casting
8. Completely new perfect design with feather
9: Unique movement that provokes predator to bite
10: Instant weapon for immediately action
11:Swim depth:All level depth(freshwater and saltwater)
12:Fit for:Salmon,Trout,and other kinds of attack fish(Extremely blink in the water to attract the fish)

Fish vision is very sensitive, especially for water and shiny things very interested in all the way will be crossed on a bite.

Item Specifics:

Package Includes:
30pcs X Fishing Lures

Note: The shape and color of fishing lures maybe different or same, we sent them random delivery