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Deer feed can get expensive, especially when it's being wasted in the wrong place. Hunters often find that choice locations for their deer feeders are near a water source. The only problem is most of their feed can end up in the water. Even when you find the perfect hot spot for a nice population of browsing deer, traditional spin cast feeders can't offer the precision you need. Uneven terrain or remote areas can also prevent you from providing supplemental feed. However, by providing the combination of a hanging feeder with directional casting, Moultrie's 6.5-gallon directional feeders give you precise distribution, making them perfect for any trail or path.

Attract deer and wildlife automatically. Designed to easily hang from any rope, chain or cable, this directional feeder makes it easy to distribute feed such as shelled corn, soybeans and palletized feed. Moultrie's directional hanging feeders give you the control to cast feed directly down a trail or over a pond and get that feed right in the exact location you want. Its 25-foot straight casting distance will prevent you from ever wasting feed again. View Moultrie's line of game feeder accessories to customize your deer feeder to meet your exact needs.

The 6.5-gallon capacity holds up to 40 pounds of feed that stays high and dry in a heavy-duty metal bucket. You can even customize the feed dispense times between 1-20 seconds. Set the digital timer to feed as many as 6 different times a day. With Next G-1 camouflage, your hanging feeders will stay concealed to keep your feeder location covert during winter months. Now you can provide a consistent source of supplemental grain and/or protein during crucial periods to help maintain a healthy deer population. Operates on one 6-volt battery (batteries sold separately).


- Straight 25' casting distance
- Directional shroud
- Digital timer, set to feed up to 6 different times a day
- Customize feed dispense times between 1-20 seconds
- Metal constructed bucket has 40 lb. capacity
- Operates on one 6-volt battery (battery not included)
- Bucket features Next G-1 camouflage