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8.5L Camping Folding Washbowl Outdoor Collapsible Travel Hiking Wash-basin

Surface material: Nylon 210
Inside material: cordura materials
Weight: 80 g
Packing size: 15 x10. 5 cm
Optional colors: green, orange,blue
Execution standard: Q/cH LYP8052-2013
Size: 28 cm diameter,30 cm bottom diameter
åÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊåÊ 14 cm high, 8.5L capacity

This kind of fold outdoor wash basin has a clever design and super light high-tech waterproof fabrics, a cloth bag
after take water can be firmly on the ground, fold into a small bag again only 80 g, very convenient to carry,
åÊas long as the line a little corner of tally can be carried out.

Package included:
1 x Folding Wash-basin