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Product ratio: 8x20mm
Eyepiece diameter:12mm
Objective Diameter: 20mm
Field: 96m/1000m
Light through air path: 20mm
Dimension: 79mm ÌÑ objective lens diameter 24mm high
Material Aluminum mirror body, plastic, high-grade optical glass


Coating ‰ۢ__objective and more red film (light filtering and reduce radiation, increase observed brightness, time in the dark environment can be seen clearly by observing objects)
Focus‰ۢ__ focus eyepiece rotation
compact is that it features. The "mini" binoculars, a unique metallic appearance of aluminum construction, enhanced
product rigidity, even up to the appearance of the decorative effect. Height of only 79mm, a pocket-sized individuals to
carry the maximum convenience. Small but perfectly formed, focusing, coating and other functions readily available. Red
film coated lens to enhance the observed brightness, the light is not ideal in the immediate environment, can see things clearly.

Fit for :

scientific bird-watching,
wilderness expedition,
outdoor sports equipment,
watch the game live,
adventure observe the terrain and enjoy the scenery, etc.

Note: Please don‰Û÷t look at the sun absolutely. If you look at the sun, your eyes may be ache and blind sometimes

Package Included:

1x Monocular Telescopes
1x Manual
1x Soft bag
1x strap
1x lens cleaning cloth