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Photos. Tunes. Gaming. You love your tech. But they drain energy like a criminal. Try Energizer Advanced Lithium - its lithium battery technology maximizes your gear's performance and keeps you going non-stop.

More power for the devices you rely on including:

- Wireless gaming accessories
- Handheld games
- MP3 players and portable CD players
- Digital cameras
- Other things you should know:

- Last up to 4x longer in digital cameras (versus Energizer MAX. results vary by camera)
- Lasts 20 hours longer* in wireless gaming accessories. Results vary by play and/ or usage patterns.
- Last up to 30% longer in personal audio devices (versus Energizer MAX. results vary by device)
- Weigh 1/3 less than standard alkaline
- 10 year storage life
- Leak resistant construction
- Type: AA
- Per: 4