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Material:Canvas, single tape and plastic products such as sand clothing line. (Shawl sand masks or a jumpsuit)
Front perspective mask is thick plexiglass, very thick, excellent quality, clear vision
Lens is a transparent plexiglass, protective performance is strong, cap surface using canvas fabric, protective and strong, comfortable to wear.
Professional anti-dust equipment
The breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear, suitable for mild blasting, grinding, polishing, dust and other places

Application of places:
Fertilizer plants, cement factories, polishing industry, industry of the blasting industry dust is generated
Lens is a transparent plexiglass produced strong protective properties of the cap surface of canvas fabric, protective, comfortable to wear
Fits for sand blasting, protective splash stones, and other protective occasions to use

It is used to contact the general dust-exposed (eg, casting cleaning, polishing, grinding rust, cement packing, painting, etc.) staff, protective clothing from dust hazards

Package Includes:
1x Face Mask