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As a Martial Artist, Steven Seagal has spent decades using Bokken. In his highly trained hands, these wooden swords simply become an extension of his body! When it came to designing a walking stick, he incorporated elements of Bokken design into an utterly unique "crook topped" stick.

Steven had addressed so many of the issues associated with crook top designs, and added so many elements that become immediately apparent to any student of the fighting arts! It's very functional crook cane, but it's also an amazing tool for the modern Martial Artist. Whatever style you study, from walking stick defense, Japanese sword arts, stick fighting, tomahawk fighting, and even bayonet training! This design flows into everything, it's amazingly versatile."

The Polymer Walking Stick is almost an exact replica of Steven's original design. As he is a very tall individual, it is the largest offering in their walking stick series.

Featuring the symbol for "Ten Shin" - literally "Heaven Mind" or "Walking the Sacred Way" - a phrase of great personal significance to Steven, this is an unusual walking stick imbued with true warrior spirit.


- Weight: 34.1 oz.
- Head: 4 1/2"
- Overall: 44"
- Material: Polypropylene