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Carbomask ScenTrol technology has been developed by cosmetic chemists on staff (who also happen to be hunters) who also enjoy discussing the technical attributes of adsorption, oxidation, cationic bonding, clathration and enzymatic catalyzation (when we arenÌ_å«t hunting or in the lab manufacturing products).
Each odor control / tool has different attributes and applications just as the weapons and clothing you might use in the field each has different applications to which they are best suited. At Carbomask Laboratories, we seek to match the most effective method of odor elimination to the particular application. For the moment, weÌ_å«ll try to keep it basic.

Odors that can betray a hunterÌ_å«s presence to wild game fall into two major categories:

1. Odors that emanate from hunters (including bacterial gas emissions), and

2. Odors from the outside world which contaminate hunters (petroleum, pet, food and everything else).
Odors that emanate from hunters primarily relate to the gases emitted from the billions of bacteria that live on our skin surface. Your perspiration doesnÌ_å«t smell-itÌ_å«s the bacteria that thrive in your perspiration that smell. Every region of the body has different levels of such bacteria based on relative warmth, moisture, and food quality of the surface. Yes, food quality of the surface. Meaning dead skin and excretions from sebaceous glands of your pores. Yes, thatÌ_å«s what bacteria feed on. Warmth and moisture helps them feed on these things. After they feed, they produce gas. Maybe not as much as Fat Bastard in Austin PowersÌ_å« movies, but certainly enough to create a scent Ì_̍signatureÌ_̱ that game can recognize. This human scent signature is what that Pope & Young buck or just plain damn respectable buck you never knew was there avoided. In addition, we humans slough off about 2 square inches worth of dead skin cells every day -the deadest, ripest, bacteria-saturated skin on our bodies. ThatÌ_å«s what blood hounds follow and is what youÌ_å«re leaving like a trail of bread crumbs as you walk through the woods unless you do something about it.

Carbomask Premium Performance Face Paint puts a perfectly fresh, ready-to-adsorb-the-worldÌ_å«s- odors layer of activated carbon and oil adsorbing clay on your face, hands and if you chose to, gear, to create a non-pore clogging mask that your skin can breathe through, & sweat through (it actually draws out impurities from your pores like a mud mask).
It is a far superior cover up for your face than encasing your face in oil for adsorbing odors. In addition, itÌ_å«s more comfortable and better for your skin than any oil-based product because your skin can breathe through it, and it doesnÌ_å«t clog pores. Also, the fresh carbon applied doesnÌ_å«t have to go through a dryer cycle to be only somewhat as good as the day you bought it like carbon infused garments with limited lives do. Finally, the clay works to adsorb impurities from your skin like a Ì_̍mudÌ_̱ mask. No pimples. Healthy skin. Healthy skin fights bacteria better and sloughs less, meaning less odor to spook game. The result is more comfortable and functional than any alternative. The water based nature of the formula makes for a slip free compound you donÌ_å«t need to wash off of your release finger or bow hand like grease paint. At the end of your hunt, you can remove it with water and a wash cloth or paper towel. Women are years ahead of men in understanding that healthy skin feels better, operates better and looks better than the traditional devil-may-care male approach. Critics may say that our scientific approach is not as macho as ignoring skin altogether, and weÌ_å«ll say that may be true, but that doesnÌ_å«t negate the validity of our science. And that science means seeing more game. Which means more telling stories and trophies on the wall to talk about when our buddies who neglect their skin treatment come over to marvel at our "luck".