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Grab the fun by the handle when you take the Coleman 20 Can Party Stacker Cooler to your next event. The tall, slender design makes the cooler easy to tote and perfect for just about any drink you'll want to take. Stand a 2-liter bottle or a bottle of wine upright, or fill the cooler with nearly a case of soda. The coolers lid is specially-designed to interlock with the bases of other Party Stacker Coolers for easy, organized fun. Pick up a few. Use one color for drinks and other colors for food, so everyone knows where to go for their favorite treats. When you're ready to pick up and move, the large bail handle makes carrying more comfortable.


- Holds 20 16-oz. cans or 12 20-oz. bottles plus ice
- Tall enough to fit a 2-liter bottle or a wine bottle upright
- Separate food and drinks by cooler colors
- Two coolers interlock on the lids of larger Party Stacker Coolers
- Stacking design makes storage easy and organized
- Large bail handle for more comfortable carrying

Exterior Dimensions: 15" x 10.62" x 15.37"
Interior Dimensions: 9.25" x 6.62" x 13"

Color: Blue