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The DeckHand 25 has a 25-lb anchor capacity (anchor not included). Includes davit for stowing most styles of anchors. Pre-spooled with 60 feet of 800-lb test nylon rope. Runs on 12-volt battery (not included). Get precision boat placement and the ability to stay on the fish as long as you want with a DeckHand electric anchor winch. It automatically raises or lowers your anchor at the touch of a button, and its special anti-drag system senses the bottom to allow for controlled drifting.


- 25-lb anchor capacity (anchor not included)
- Pre-spooled with 60 feet of 800-lb test nylon rope
- Davit can be mounted at base of DeckHand or in remote position on deck
- Davit stows most kinds of anchors
- Stow and deploy switch integrated into the base of the unit
- Auto-drift feature automatically stops the motor when the anchor touches bottom (or hits an obstacle) when slack in the rope becomes tight, rope is automatically released lock the winch with the touch of a button
- Mounting hole pattern consisent with older DeckHand models (DH-18, DH-20, DH-35)
- Includes: remote mountable anchor davit