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The Cass Creek Mini Deer Electronic Game Call is a big game call in a small handheld call unit. You get the full sized deer sounds you need to be successful in your hunting with a pocket size call. The Cass Creek Mini Deer Electronic Game Call is small but big in stature with over 200 yards of effective sound. It is user friendly and built to last and feature a handy compact design, one handed operation, four calls in one unit, ergonomic design, sure hold rubber grip and lanyard loop.

Improve your chances for a successful hunt with Cass Creek Mini Deer Electronic Game Call.

Included Calls:

- Buck: The communication and mating call of a buck trailing a doe.
- Tending: A low volume vocalization made by an eager buck prior to mating a doe.
- Rattling: The sound of two bucks fighting often draws a third attempting to steal the doe.
- Fawn: A stressed drawn out call often used by young deer when separated from their mother.