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If you maintain property for deer and other wildlife, you know feeders can be an expensive investment, especially when you factor in the cost of feed. Moultrie's Directional Feeder Kit is a good alternative to traditional spin cast feeders that send feed in a 360-degree pattern. Instead of sending your feed in every direction, including places you don't want it to go, Moultrie's Directional Feeder Kit will precisely cast feed in a 30-degree path, allowing you to put the feed right where you want it. With targeted placement, you no longer have to worry about all the wasted feed being cast into nearby water sources or areas that tend to collect water when it rains.

Ideal for feeding along a path, trail, or other hot spot, these directional game feeder kits easily attach to any bucket. They're designed to work whether hanging, standing or attached to a tripod, and all the hardware is included. Simply attach to your own bucket and add feed. An easy-to-program digital timer allows you to set feed times up to 6 different times a day. You can even customize feed dispense times between 1-20 seconds. Kits operate on one 6-volt battery (sold separately). Take advantage of the Directional Feeder Kits modified design and affordability that helps you manage your deer population across your entire property. Trust Moultrie Deer Feeders for the best game management products.


- Digital timer, set to feed up to 6 different times a day
- Customize feed dispense times between 1-20 seconds
- Directional shroud
- Hardware included to place on any bucket
- Operates on one 6-volt battery (not included)