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This compact and simple to use electronic predator caller is designed to make your hunt easy and effective. The Dogg Catcher is packed full of features including the 150 yard remote and the ability to play two sounds at once..all at a super affordable price. Utilizing 12 different proven Randy Anderson sounds, the Dogg Catcher can call in some of the wiliest predators out there including bobcats, fox, and coyotes. Whether you're a seasoned caller or a beginning hunter, the Dogg Catcher is an excellent addition to your bag of tricks this fall!


- Compact electronic Predator Caller that's light weight and simple to use
- Plays two sounds simultaneously
- Up to 150 yard range
- 12 sounds by Randy Anderson
- Interrogation howls
- Female invitation howls
- Coyote serenade
- Adult coyote distress (Ki-Yi)
- Coyote pup distress
- Cottontail distress
- Baby cottontail distress
- Jackrabbit distress
- Baby jackrabbit distress
- Baby fawn distress
- Rodent distress
- Woodpecker distress