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The Caldwell E-Max electronic stereo ear muffs limit sounds above 85 dB by automatically shutting down the speakers when there is a loud noise situation. Enabled with one stereo microphone in each ear cup, the user is able to localize sound from all directions. The E-Max amplifies normal sound levels to enhance hearing when the earmuffs are being worn, yet will automatically shut down when noise levels exceed 85 dB. The comfortable, compact E-Max is a new low-profile design and operates on two AAA batteries (not included).


- True stereo sound for better localization
- Low Profile earcups reduce contact with gun stock
- Padded adjustable headband
- Volume control knob
- Power indicator light
- Fold compact


- Cutoff: 85dB
- NRR: 23
- Power Source: two AAA batteries (not included)