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Colour: Black
Weight: 100g
Length: 540mm
The Grabber Head's Size: 70(L) x 60(W)mm

Strong Grip
Light Weight
Compact, Practical, Easy to Use
You can extend your reach 24'' with this reaching tool
Robust metal pole with plastic grip and handle
Acts like an extension to your arm's length
No bending, climbing, or straining your back
Makes it easy to reach things or to pick up things you cannot bend down to reach
Use at work, home, in the yard or in water
Can pick up cigarettes and other small item with a weight up to 400g
Ideal to pick up cigarettes, parking tickets
Perfect for ground garbage pick up as well
Ideal for picking up trash, reaching high areas, high shelves, etc
Great mobility item

Package included:
1 x Reach Grabber Tool