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In fishing, the fishing reel is widely used, particularly in the long shot process, the index finger in the control of fishing line outlet, it is easy to scratch the hand, light fishing in a long time, the index finger will draw a strip traces, severe cases can draw blood, not only affect the appearance leaving the index finger after an injury can not be manipulated to worry.

This single-finger glove to solve this problem, finger pulp site for imitation leather fabric material, a hardwearing, the dorsal part of the elastic foam double-stick surface material, soft and comfortable and good flexibility, Elastic with wrist for coarse anglers use different hand, wrist strap with Velcro cuff is connected and fixed, and can be adjusted according to hand length.åÊ Use full finger gloves in the long grip pole will feel tired, while the single-finger gloves also solves this problem.åÊ Finger stall protection gloves fishing, can be worn on the left or right hand wear non-slip one finger gloves.

Color: Black /Camouflage / Blue (As your choose)
Size: about 19cm
One size fits all
Weight: 9g

Finger stall protector glove for fishing.
Can be worn on left or right hand.
Non-slip single finger casting glove.
Adjustable elastic band and Velcro design, one size fits all.
Glove is made of chemical fibre, palm is made of cotton non slip rubber, conducive to grip.
Specially made for fishing.

Package Contains:
1x Finger Stall for Fishing