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Item specifics:
Ball bearings: 5
Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Item weight: 95g
Package weight: Approx. 300g
Package size: 12.5*12*7.5cm /åÊ 4.9*4.7*3in
Line capacity (mm/m):
0.18/245, 0.20/200, 0.25/125(mm/m)

5 pieces of ball bearing, gear ratio 5.2:1.

Material: Metal wire cup, bearing steel
Apply: Sea Fishing,Lake Fishing,Rock Fishing
Multi-position impedance inversion
No vibration of wire wheel shell rotary balance design
Has the proof of the results of the winding and smooth stroke
Crank reciprocating wiring system

Package Included:
1X1 PCS Fishing reel