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Ideal for: All Hunters, Trappers, Taxidermists, Fishermen, Outdoor
Adventurers, and more...
Directions: After you handle fish, gas, or other item with a malodor,
pump this unique bottle and dispense foam about two pumps. Rub cleanser all over hands (You can dip hands in water) and rub until dry. Hands are now treated and will reactivate when wet until retreating is needed. (1.6 fl.oz.)
Ì_̤ 100% Natural Biodegradable
Ì_̤ Safe for humans and animals.
Ì_̤ No known allergens.
Ì_̤ STOPS odors at the source by changing host environment.
Ì_̤ Eliminates odors using specially designed enzymes. Does not cover them up.
Ì_̤ Will not harm water tolerant fabrics.
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes flush thoroughly with water.