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Material:stianless steel
Overall Length:155cm
Stretch length of handle :128cm
Contraction length of handle :40cm
Folded length(net and handle): 39.5cm
Color:silver and black

Adopting Stainless steel material, sturdy and durable
Resistant to corrosion ,suitable for
seawater and freshwater

The end of the handle designed with non-slip material
Durable fishing net material canåÊbearåÊmoreåÊweight
Larger diameter help you capture bigger fish
RetractableåÊhandleåÊandåÊfoldableåÊ netåÊ frame allowsåÊyouåÊtoåÊ carry easily

Package Includes:
åÊ1 ÌÑFishing Net
åÊ1 ÌÑFishing Net bag