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Out in the field, there's no time for a sassy zipper that unzips from behind. It leaves an openingin tents, packs, and sleeping bagswhere no opening should be. Get those busted zippers back on task. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair.
Ideal for: Individuals or groups. Comes with instructions and a gear repair manual.


Zipper Repair
- 2 Zipper Slider Coil Double #8
- 1 Zipper Slider Coil Double #5
- 1 #10 Coil Slider Single Tab
- 1 Zipper Slider Single #5 Black

Sewing Kit
- 1 Bobbin #69 Olive Green
- 1 Seam Ripper
- 1 Sewing Needle #16, Yarn