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With the Gear Tie Mountables, you can put the exact-shaped hook you need right where you need it. Backed with 3M Acrylic Plus Tape, the Gear Tie Mountable Twist Tie can be attached to nearly any surface without drilling holes or using tools. It stays firm and in place through extreme temperatures, both in and out of doors, but can be removed whenever you choose without damaging the surface it's been attached to. With a simple twist, bend its flexible, durable Gear Tie to create a hook for keys, dog leashes, ID badges/lanyards, sunglasses - you name it. A few Mountables in a row create a custom holder for odd-shaped items - or get creative and colorful and use them to hang anything you want to view or have easy access to. The organizational and decorative possibilities are limitless!


- Available in the following color: Black
- Gear Tie Mountable Twist Tie's stick to most smooth, flat surfaces to create a versatile holder
- Features 3M Acrylic Plus Tape - stick practically anywhere
- Indoor/Outdoor use designed for wide temperature ranges
- Can be removed without damage to surfaces
- Application and Removal Instructions
- Strong wire inside - High Grip Rubber
- Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip
- Twist it, tie it, reuse it - Gear Ties!