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With its strong, bendable wire interior and durable, ridged rubber exterior, the Gear Tie 24ÌÒ Loopable Twist Ties grip, wrap, and secure most smaller items like charge cords, USB cords, and headphone cords and hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. The added feature of an integrated loop on one end allows you to thread the other end through it and pull to cinch and organize nearly anything. Then twist the other end around a handle, zipper pull, anchor point, or key ring. You can also use the loop to hang it from a small hook or tie a line through the hole for quick connections. Two or more Gear Ties can also be looped together to create a chain of any length - the configuration possibilities are as endless as the number of little things it will organize, hang, connect, attach, and carry for you.


- The Gear Tie Loopable Twist Tie allows you to loop, cinch, twist, and store cords, cables, and other smaller items for convenient storage and access
- Integrated loop on one end allows you to loop & cinch the Gear Tie around nearly any object
- Attach it nearly anywhere to keep items of all kinds right where you need them
- Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip virtually anywhere, but won't scratch or mark
- Strong internal wire that holds its shape
- Quick and easy to securely attach and detach
- UV resistant - will not be damaged by extended sun exposure
- Twist it, tie it, reuse it - Gear Ties!


- Dimensions: 24.7" x 1.0" x 0.4"
- Weight: 1.1 oz.
- Color: Neon Yellow
- Quantity: 2 Per Pack