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Ultra light Synthetic Ghillie Blind Cover
This is the same cover that comes with the Folding Blind system. Use the blind to cover a tree stand, or a ground blind. Maybe you want to purchase a different colored cover for your existing folding blind system. The Ghillie Blind cover is built the same way we build our Poncho, Stalker, and Tracker suits. We use a 1" x 1" Nylon netting.

This allows the user to add local vegetation to the cover when out in the field. Simply lay the cover on the ground in the area you will be in, drag it a little, and the cover will pick up some leaves from your area. Now you blend in exactly to your environment!
Another idea - Use the cover to build a Ghillie suit. Since the netting we use is knotted, and hung on the square, you can cut across the netting with a pair of scissors. Lay your BDU's or flight suit on the floor, then trim the cover to fit the outside of your clothing. Use Shoe Goo?ÕÌâ to attach to your clothing. Instant affordable Ghillie suit!

Actual netting size is 30" x 9'. That's Nine feet long! Since the Synthetic thread hangs down 11" from each knot, depending on how you hang your cover, you almost get another foot.

Comes in four different colors - Mossy, woodland, Leafy Green, Desert
Synthetic thread is Light weight, Cover weighs 1.75 lbs.
Fire retardant
Water repellant
Rot proof
Mildew resistant
Non allergenic
NO UV Brighteners
Top Image is the Mossy color, with a person wearing the Mossy Jacket and pants set, and Rifle wrap.