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Lightweight Camouflage Complete Ghillie Suit Kit!
Military Sniper Colors
Kit includes the following
One 5' x 9' nylon netting.
6 bundles of Synthetic thread. (3 lbs. total)
Complete directions on how to assemble kit into a lightweight Camouflage Ghillie Poncho.
Synthetic thread colors include : Tan, Tan, Tan, Tan, Light Olive, & Brown.
Synthetic thread is the Next Generation in Building a lightweight Camouflage Ghillie suit, because Synthetic thread is:

Water-proof, Rot-proof, Mildew resistant, Fire-retardant, Washable, Odor-less,  Non-Allergenic
Your Completed suit uses only 2.75 lbs. of the Synthetic colored thread!