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H2Duo - 800 ml Slv - GhillieSuitShop

H2Duo - 800 ml Slv - GhillieSuitShop

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The H2Duo Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the best, most innovative stainless steel bottle on the market. With a screw-off upper half, the H2Duo offers the valuable benefits of adding ice cubes and easy cleaning.

You can use the top or bottom pieces to drink from. The bottom is a nice camp cup you can naturally drink from, while the top can be flipped upside down to double as a goblet-style cup.

The H2Duo comes with two silicone bands, one black, one glow-in-the dark, that can be fitted over the top or bottom part of the bottle for a more comfortable drinking surface.

The screw cap features flow-through threads that allow you to pour from the loosened cap without having to remove it completely. The cap features a recessed flip-up hanging ring and a small glow-in-the-dark accent, allowing you to easily find your bottle in the middle of the night.

Includes a convenient cap lanyard, so you don't easily lose the great cap for this great bottle.


- Height: 10.2"
- Diameter: 3.12"
- Liters: 1
- Weight: 7.75 oz.
- Color: Red/Silver