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Get your stand up Paddleboard up to the correct inflation faster and easier with the Sevylor SUP Hand Pump. This innovative pump automatically switches from dual-action to single-action at higher pressure. This allows you to pump air on both the up and down strokes for faster inflation at lower pressures, but only on the down stroke for easier pumping at higher pressures. The in-line pressure gauge lets you know the pressure while you're pumping, so you know when you're up to the 12 psi required for your SUP board to perform.


- High-pressure pump inflates up to 12 psi for rigid SUP boards
- Dual-to-single action auto-switch lets you pump high pressure with less time and effort
- Dual-action at low pressure inflates when you push down and pull up for faster inflation
- Single-action at high pressure inflates only when you push down for easier pumping
- In-line pressure gauge lets you see your pressure while inflating
- High-pressure valve fitting ensures a tight fit without air loss
- Inflates any inflatable SUP board