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Zippo's filling process makes firing up these little pocket-sized furnaces easier than ever. Fill the cup. Light the burner. And go! They provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. And they̍re odorless. So the only thing that stinks is the alternative to not using them - frozen fingers.


- Includes easy fill technology
- Improved fill cup helps reduce spills
- Perfect for all cold weather activities
- Sleek, thin design fits into the smallest pockets
- Flameless gentle warmth
- Rugged and durable metal construction
- Virtually odorless - great for hunters
- Lighter fluid refillable - environmentally friendly and usable
- Customization available


- Height: 5.3"
- Width: 2"
- Depth: .4"
- Weight: .01 lbs.
- Design: Harley Davidson Black