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The High Performance Downrigger features a illuminated digital line counter as well as the sleek new Rocket Launcher rod holder. Pre-spooled with the HP stainless steel downrigger wire, the HP models have unbeatle pulling power lifting 20 lb. weights with ease at 260 ft. / min, and 10 lb. weights at 312 ft. / min.


- 36" - 60" telescoping stainless steel boom. 1 1/4" dia.
- Illuminated, resettable, sealed and silent digital line counter
- 300 ft. of 180 lb. Test, 316 stainless steel downrigger wire
- 1/2" Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt TM - The same belts used by superior European auto manufacturers
- Clutch brake with the largest braking surface in the industry
- Boom mounted adjustable Rocket Launcher Rod Holder
- Heavy duty, high speed pulling power
- 16 position swivel pedestal mount included
- Adjustable stainless steel jacketed Rocket Launcher rod holder
- Power Grip Plus line release
- Full saltwater protection
- Weight storage hook