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Hunter Safety System

PRO-SERIES Tree Stand Safety system

The Hunter Safety System harness is the latest evolution in tree stand safety equipment. It sets up quickly and quietly. The design is the most forgiving to your body should you ever fall from your stand. Older designs (such as safety straps, ropes, loops) can suffocate you or cause serious damage to your ribs and body.
This light-weight harness combines mesh into a cool airflow design. This "Professional Series" offers additional features like six Velcro & zippered pockets, grunt and gear loops, and a look that says "Pro".
Quick, four-buckle design. No tangles, no confusion - even in the dark! Ready in seconds. Comfortable enough for hours on stand. Super-safe, seat belt buckle style leg straps. Unique "Tear-Away-Tether" designed to slow fall with less jolt.
Quick-Connect tree strap provides fast positive tree attachement. FREE Deer Drag included with every vest.

Safety Vest Features
1) The Hunter Safety System vest/harness has two deep pockets for gloves, hand warmers, etc. The velcro chest pockets are deep and provide security for that radio, compass, cell phone, etc.
2) The vest/harness can be purchased in a model that is reversible from camouflage to blaze orange. The bowhunter model is strictly camouflage with no blaze orange. The reversible model meets every state requirement for blaze orange. Even the blaze orange layer offers deep pockets.
3) Breakaway stitching in the tether provides a cushion in the event of a fall.
4) Convenient slide-bars allow for adjustment to be made for a perfect fit every time regardless of the weather and clothing worn.
5) Quick-snap leg buckles makes the HSS vest/harness easy and fast to put on.
6) Quick-snap chest and waist buckles make it an easy on/off harness, even in the dark.
7) Each model comes standard with a convenient deer drag system.
The Hunter Safety System vest/harness is so comfortable youÌ_å«ll forget that youÌ_å«re wearing a safety harness!

WARNING! Read and follow all instructions prior to using Hunter Safety System products.

Failure to read, understand and follow this information can cause serious injury or death!