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This 18-1/2" magnet mount antenna with 5dB of gain is used primarily to help you gain on both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. The antenna has a 5' cable with SMA-Male which will connect directly to your wireless scouting cameras. In USA, it would work very well with AT&T and T-Mobile service.

This antenna would connect directly to the cameras SMA female connector without the need for any other adapter. The only thing that this antenna would need is to be mounted onto a metal surface at least 3" diameter. With the help from this enhanced antenna, your camera will find the wireless network quicker and save power in the sending process which will extend the battery life of the camera.


- Frequency Range (MHz): 850/900/1800/1900/2100
- Gain: 9dB Coaxial Cable: RG174 - 5'
- Radiation: Omni
- Mount: Magnet mount
- Height: 18 1/2"
- Connector Type: SMA Male
- Polarization: Vertical
- Impedance: 50 ohm
- Type: Exterior
- Material: Whip - Stainless Steel
- Color: Black
- Storage Temperature: -49F to +167F
- Operating Temperature: -49F to +167F